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Unfortunately, there will not be a Bluegrass Festival in Langesund in 2024

Unfortunately, the festival in 2023 did not go as planned and we unfortunately left with a significant deficit.

Due to the urgent time frame and challenges in obtaining new sponsors and partners, we unfortunately have to announce that there will be no festival in 2024. Although this year's events have been challenging, our commitment to the festival's vision is strong. We intend to continue our work, and we are considering the possibility of organizing the festival again in 2025.

We will share further details as plans develop.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate the support from our community and look forward to hosting another festival in the future.



Langesund offers a rich cultural life - most people have heard about Wrightegaarden
and concert activities there, which has enriched our city for many years.
We have Shanty Festival the first weekend in June - every year, and it
are thousands of people who also then adding the road to coastal perla Langesund.
Gospel festival, Revue festival and Fish and seafood festival is also some
of the activities taking place in the hectic weeks of summer.

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